Generous Giving Check for $13,312 to Fellowship of Christian Athletes

AARE recently presented the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) with a charitable contribution of $13,312.50  through their participation in our Generous Giving Program.

We would like to do the same for your favorite charity. Here’s how.

First step is the charity needs to join our Generous Giving program by contacting AARE at 619-GIVE-777. There’s no cost to sign up or participate. We cover all costs to market the program.

Then if you or someone you know is planning to to buy/sell property anywhere in the USA, including residential or commercial, AARE will find the right agent in your area to handle the transaction. And when the property sells, the agent will send us a referral fee and we’ll make a donation from that referral fee to your favorite charity. It’s that simple.

This referral fee comes out of the agent’s commission. There is absolutely no cost to you.

To learn more, just contact your charity and ask them if they participate in the Generous Giving Program with AARE. If they don’t, encourage them to learn how they can by calling us at 619-GIVE-777.

Be sure to take a few minutes to check out some of the videos and information on this website page. You’ll discover what makes AARE a different kind of real estate company.

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